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Monika Gehl & Kyle West — Minted

Monika Gehl


Kyle West

Monika Gehl and Kyle West

Please join us for our wedding celebration on

32 days until the big day!

Our Story

His story: I met Monika in the spring of 2014. My initial impression was that she was way too cool for me. It wasn't until the spring of that year that I mustered up the courage to ask her on a date. We went to a local UVA spot, The Virginian, and lucky for me, she loves mac & cheese, wrinkly button-downs, and terrible jokes. From there our relationship quickly blossomed into a constant adventure. May it be traveling all over the country, making new friends, or attempting to raise a corgi, Monika has been the perfect companion. When it came to proposing, I knew it also had to be an adventure. So on December 23rd, 2022, after skiing all day together in her hometown of Vail, with the ring in my coat pocket, I proposed to her on top of the mountain... and now we can't wait to share our next big adventure, our wedding, with you all!

Her story: Kyle and I met while attending the University of Virginia in 2014. It was my first year, second semester and several of my friends met Kyle through tutoring at Cavs and Panthers as well as through fraternity rush. Kyle and I met on several occasions that year but did not get close until fall 2014. We began dating in February 2015. Jobs and school took us both to Charlotte NC and later Austin TX where we lived until 2023. Kyle proposed on December 23rd, 2022 while skiing with my sister and brother in law. Because my mom was planning to meet us later on the mountain, Kyle nervously skied around all day with the ring in his pocket. While I was not expecting him to propose at that time, looking back it was obvious by his skiing skills that something was off but my family was very glad that he waited so they could be there to celebrate. We now can't wait to celebrate with all of our friends and family next year!